About Us

Flex Your Journey

Imagine not being able to play the sport you love due to injury. And when you're ready for the next season your doctor says you have a highly destructive bone tumor.

This is 17 year old Magali Ybarra and her flex journey, the founder of North Flex.

Flex For Your Future

In September 2020, Magali tore her ACL and had to give up her junior soccer season. She was devastated. Surgery and then tedious, painful therapy was her new life. Magali deeply thought about her future and the missing sports void in her heart. The seeds of North Flex were planted.

Flex Your Heart

As she was pumped and ready for her senior year, a nagging pain would not go away. But it wasn’t her knee. Magali got diagnosed with an ABC hip tumor. Her heart broke.

Now Magali can’t play her last year of high school. This was a difficult time for Magali and her family, but Magali didn’t let the news set her back, instead it challenged her, made her stronger and more devoted. 

“What other organ gets broken in half then mends itself back together? You might be strong, but your heart is stronger.”
Magali Ybara

Flex Your Skills

And Covid was still looming through all these tough times. The pandemic devastated many businesses and families. Magali didn’t want to rely on someone else for a job. She was going to win and help others as well.

“I found a way to connect and be closer to my sports. North Flex makes you comfortable and confident,” says Magali.

Flexing Together

Magali didn’t want to grow North Flex on her own and needed help, so she invited her sister Jaslen to join. 

 “It’s crazy to think when we were little we always watched TV shows about siblings owning a business together and one day we will own one together”. 

As they discussed the business that night, nothing but wonderful plans were brought up. 

Flexing For You

North Flex fitness apparel originated in Idaho and is run by the founder Magali Ybarra and her sister Jaslen Ybarra. Magali and Jaslen are active girls who play soccer. They enjoy the gym, track/field and snowboarding.

And together they help you flex your gains, skills, and thrive on the journey.